Card machines for Public Houses

Card machines for Public Houses, Restaurants, bars and cafés that don’t offer contactless payment technology are ‘out of touch’ with what customers want and risk losing out on additional business. 

It’s here and it’s not going away in a hurry. Yes contactless payment has truly arrived — and pubs need to climb aboard the bandwagon or risk getting trampled in the rush. Contactless has gone mainstream but not many pubs are taking use of this system. More than £2.5bn was spent using contactless cards in the first half of 2017

Most pubs these days accept credit and debit cards, and this is for a very good reason.  If you don’t accept cards yet, you may well be losing money to other places that do.  This Card machines for Public Houses blog post is designed to help you understand the enormous benefits of accepting cards.

Will Card machines for Public Houses work when cash is the main payment method?

This is a good question, and for years we would have agreed with you wholeheartedly.  The public house has long been a place where cash has been the only recognisable payment method, and we are all familiar with those signs above the bar that read “Please do not ask for credit as a punch in the mouth often offends” haven’t we’  Well now there is a way to get your booze on credit, but not from the land lord.  Many pub landlords and managers will accept debit and credit cards, so in theory if you are paying for your drinking with your credit card you are indeed getting your drinks on credit.

One of the main reasons you should really consider accepting cards with card machines for public houses is that these days people prefer to pay with them.  Cash is losing its appeal all over the place, even in the pub.  If you can provide customers with as many payment options as possible then you are sure to make more money in the long run.

But how will I make money on small transaction values?

It is true that payment processing costs you money, and it’s also true that if you accept card payments for low amounts of money that it may not always be cost effective.  However, you have to weigh this up against the amount of extra business you are likely to get as a result of accepting cards.

Your merchant fees are not likely to be among the highest that retailers pay though, simply because your customers is present at the point of sale, meaning that the risk of fraud is minimal and the person who (hopefully) owns the card is the one punching in the number at the point of sale.  Merchant fees are much higher for those businesses that rely on mail or telephone order these days because the cardholder is not present.

Make your money with the bar bill

Bar bills are a way in which you can avoid accepting debit card payments for low value transactions.  When a customer comes into your pub or bar you can take their debit card from them and keep it behind the bar, and then give them a number that corresponds with their card.  Rather than paying for their drinks or food every time they come to the bar, instead they simply give the assistant their number (often via a card) and this goes on the bill; they pay via a card terminal when they come to collect their debit or credit card.

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